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Dealing with temporary or long-term disabilities isn't easy.  Getting into your home or other buildings while using a wheelchair, scooter, walker, crutches, or even if you simply don't handle steps well can be a problem.  Even when there are friends, family, or others available to assist you, you would prefer to do it yourself.  Besides, your independence relies on being able to move around even when assistance isn't available.

C.i.i. Access Ramps is here to help.  Whether you need a reliable and sturdy ramp system for your home, a simple ramp for a door threshold or curb, or a collapsible ramp to take along in your car, we have products to help give the lifestyle you want.

If you are responsible for a church, group home, business or other building that needs to meet strict commercial building codes, we also have systems designed specifically with you in mind.

We are an authorized AlumiRamp dealer.  All of our ramps are ADA-compliant.  They are constructed of recycled aluminum, made in Michigan, and do not require recessed footings or foundations.  Modular construction means they can be disassembled and removed if you move to a new home or if the ramp is no longer needed.  The system is your asset to relocate, modify, sell, or even salvage.

If you need it installed, we can help arrange that.  Prefer to install it yourself?  No problem - a couple of people with some basic tools can handle it, and we can send you instructions before you purchase so you can see how easy it is - we'll ship the components directly to you wherever you are in the Lower 48.

Let us know what you need.
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