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Portable Ramps

The name of the game is mobility - not just at home, but when you want to go shopping or visit a friend.  You can take a ramp with you to help you and/or your transportation device get into and out of an automobile or up a few steps.

Folding "Ready Ramps" and telescopic channel ramps can provide a ramp length of 6' to 10', yet are easily stowed and carried in a car or van.  In three easy steps even the largest 2'-6" by 10'-0" unit folds into a 1'-3" by 5'-7" single package weighing only 51 pounds.  They even have closure straps and a carrying handle!

Recessed hinges mean no obstructions.  These all-aluminum ramps come with black non-skid surfaces, and easily-removable pins to keep them from unexpectedly moving.  They can be left in place when you are at home and then folded up and carried to help you get where you want to go.

Will these replace a vertical wheelchair lift platform in a van?  Depends on what you need.  Although our portable ramps are less expensive, compact, light, and sturdy, your own level of disability might make them difficult to work with from a wheelchair.  Also, depending on the height of the vertical rise, the incline may be more than what you are used to with ADA-compliant ramps.  However, if those who might help you from time to time have ever lifted a wheelchair or powered scooter and hurt their back when they've lifted it into a van or up a relative's front steps, these are for you.

Will they replace a crane system at the back door of your van?  Absolutely.  They don't require complicated installation and removal, are only there when you need them, store easily, can be used at both your vehicle and the entrance of the building you're going to, don't require an electrical winch or hand crank, and are less expensive.  Pretty convincing comparison.

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