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Curb and Threshold Ramps


Not every situation requires a fixed ramp with handrails - ADA allows for rises of less than 6" to be resolved with simple curb ramps up to six feet long.  Although they don't have handrails, the "Alumilite" line includes integrally-constructed turned-up sides to help keep wheels where they belong.  With the same non-skid design of our residential and commercial ramps, these are available in lengths of 3', 4', 5', and 6', and widths of 30" and 36".  If you prefer a sturdy folding ramp to a one-piece unit, no problem and no extra cost.

These ramps require no effort to install other than putting them in their place - however, if you'd like to secure them, all you need to do is drill two holes in the surface the top will rest on and insert the two removable pins provided with each ramp.

The Alumilite "Landscape Collection" comes in four standard colors - click here for more details.



Not every door frame is at the same level as the adjacent outside or inside floor.  Once you get higher than 1/4" or so it starts to get a little tough to get a wheel to move over it, especially if it's a wheeled walker or user-powered wheelchair.  In a powered scooter there can be an unexpected sudden stop or at least a significant bump when your loved one decides to use speed and mass to conquer what looks like a small vertical rise.

We have simple ramps made of recycled rubber or aluminum that can accommodate thresholds of up to 2½" and 5½" (respectively).  Since these ramps don't have vertical side flanges, doors will swing right over them.  The rubber ramps do not extend over the threshold, making them ideal for sliding doors, and they can also be cut and modified to accommodate unusual conditions.

These are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. 


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